Having well trained, efficient personnel is key to the success of every business enterprise.  Many companies still rely on cumbersome training manuals and written testing.  These older methods work but involve entirely too much time on the part of your management staff.  If your company is small, it may involve enormous amounts of your time which could be better spent on the growth and prosperity of your business.

Why not choose a faster, more effective method
of training and testing your personnel?

Web Based and Computer Based Training Modules are the training and testing platforms of the future.  Many large corporations have moved to this method of training new hire and keeping existing staff up to date.  All an employee has to do is sit down at a computer, go through the course material, and then take a test on what they have learned.  The program instantly grades the employee and both management and the employee know exactly where they stand.

These modules can be created on both CD-ROM or as a Web Interfaced program that resides on a server.  In their Web based form, the employee in training can perform the course work either from their desk, or, if given dial-up permission, can access the course from anywhere.  Large corporations with multiple physical locations benefit highly from the Web based method.  The course work needs only to reside in a web/database server environment.

WBTs and CBTs can be created in any style you desire.  They can be made simple with images and text or they can have all the "bells & whistles" you can imagine.  Sound, animation, and full interactivity can be created so that the trainee not only learns but enjoys the process at the same time.  What a concept...


We can build you anything you need.  All you need to do is contact
us to discuss your plans and we'll take it from there.

Pricing is based on content and is charged on a Run-Time basis.
Tools: Macromedia Flash, Director, Authorware, Asymetrix ToolBook II
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